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Welcome to Grease Guardian - A Grease Removal Solution!

Grease waste can cause blockages and disrupt the wastewater treatment process. 

FM Environmental manufacture and supply the highest quality grease traps and automatic grease removal units worldwide. All units are tested under international standards.

There are two main grease trap options to consider, manual  or automatic. We recommend manual grease traps for facilities producing moderate levels of grease (cafés and sandwich bars) and automatic Grease Guardians for heavier grease (restaurants, bars, supermarkets and hotels). 

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     Latest News

  • 01/07/2014 - Expanding Stores Room
    Grease Guardian stores now expanding to cater for new export markets in the Americas!  Great to see so many units boxed and ready for shipment. 
  • 17/06/2014 - LATEST D10 LOOKS TO IMPRESS
     The D10 Grease Guardian has a few changes made to it lately.  The hopper has been reshaped for maximum efficiency.  The new heavy duty lid is hinged for easy access to internals.  There have been improvments to the wheel design and scarper to increase grease removal efficiencies, and the water spray-down has been modified for best results.  The unit is now controlled by a state of the art PLC panel.

    D10's are being installed into the world's finest hotels with orders from Belgium, Russia, China and Malta being completed this week.

    For full details of the benefits of the D10 Titan Class Unit contact us today.

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