Benefits of the Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Trap

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FM Environmental manufacture and supply the highest quality grease traps and automatic grease removal units worldwide. All units are tested under international standards.

Benefits include:

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  The Grease Guardian does not use enzymes or bacteria. The grease removed can be used for biofuel production. The unit uses very little power (unlike some of our competitors).

SELF CLEANING: The Grease Guardian Trap not only traps grease it removes it automatically on a daily basis. Grease collects in the main chamber daily and separates from water. A system of heating and skimming can be programmed to suit your kitchen’s needs. Grease separates from water and is removed very quickly by the unit’s wheels.

CAN REMOVE UP TO 72KG OF GREASE IN JUST 1 HOUR!: Each wheel on the Grease Guardian is capable of removing 12kg of grease every hour. The D5 model can have 6 wheels…. thats 72Kg of grease in just one hour!!

IS OVER 95% EFFICIENT:  The Grease Guardian has been tested to have an efficiency of over 95%. Most other systems struggle to meet an efficiency level of 80%.

SMALL FOOTPRINT AREA:  The Grease Guardian is small and compact. It does not need to store large volumes as it is designed to remove any grease trapped every day. The unit takes up little space in a kitchen as you can see by visiting our gallery section. Basement units and external units are also available.

A HYGIENIC UNIT:  The Grease Guardian is made of stainless steel and is designed for internal use. Bacteria does not build up as it is not given the chance as grease and food substances are removed daily.

EASY TO INSTALL:  The Grease Guardian can be installed quickly and easily into any kitchen at any time. No civil works are usually required. Grease Guardians have been installed in Skyscrapers, on boats, into mobile kitchens, basements… no location is too difficult.

EASY TO CONTROL:  Once a Grease Guardian is installed it is not out of site out of mind. If every establishment in a street had a Grease Guardian you could rest assured that the highest level of efficiency was being achieved thanks to the Grease Guardians automatic grease removal feature. If all establishments in the street were using conventional systems or dosing systems it would be very difficult to ensure that all the systems were being emptied or dosed by their owners. Afterall the cost to owners to have traditional or dosing systems maintained or topped up is very high.

EASY TO MAINTAIN (5 minutes daily):  Empty the basket and grease collection container when full, otherwise maintain the unit like you would any other kitchen appliance.

MAINTENANCE/SERVICE BACKUP:  Every Grease Guardian comes with a maintenance reminder alarm as standard. Each unit is commissioned by a Grease Guardian agent. Service agreements ensure yearly upkeep of our units. An internet monitoring feature allows you to check if your unit is performing well whereever you may be in the world.