Flushable Wipes Wiping Out Sewer Systems!

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I have read a number of articles this year regarding the sharp increase in the use of wet wipes:

The UK and in particular in the more refined areas of society, people are switching to wet wipes instead of tissue paper.  The costly issue with this is that wet wipes do not break down when flushed down the toilet where as tissue paper does.

Wet wipes enter the sewage system and stay in tact, they do not break up, they then latch on to grease, fats and oils and cause fat-burgs that completely block the sewer system.  The wet wipes together with grease harden and thicken and keep getting bigger as more wet wipes latch on and more grease, fats and oils enter the sewers.  This is an increasing problem, a costly problem and an environmental night mare!

According to Daily Mail, the cost of clearing fat-burgs in London alone is £12 million pounds every year!, that is one million a month to clear out the sewers below our feet and the solution is easy. A grease trap collects fats, oils and grease at source before entering the drainage system.  See our Automatic Grease Removal System or contact us for more information in managing your grease.

No matter where in the world, the UK, USA, EUROPE, we all have a responsibility to monitor our flushing habits, as well as our grease disposal habits.  There is an abundance of reading material online packed with information on how to dispose of fats, oils and grease and other by products such as wet wipes, there are many ways to reduce sewer blockages and fat burgs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on keeping our drains free from blockages and information on our Grease Trap Range.