Sustainable energy agenda for the UK..Should a Grease Trap be installed?

It is no surprise to the readers of our FOG Blog that we at the Grease Guardian department are avid supporters of the ‘green movement’ and are strongly behind the creation a sustainable energy agenda for the UK.
In recent news, the construction of the UK’s first ‘positive energy’ home has been completed in Wales with experts from Cardiff overseeing the entire project.  The house features a number of state-of-the-art technologies which allow it to create, save and store energy efficiently and effectively. These include: glazed solar panels, battery storage system, numerous hi-tech insulation techniques and ideal location selection to guarantee maximum solar usage.
Now that the house has been built, Professor Phil Jones (head of the project) believes their main priority is to ensure all measures are put in place to “ensure the most energy efficient use”.
This got us thinking. Will this house be the start of a new era of house construction, or will it just be a one-off project that will disappear in a number of months?  I personally believe the introduction of one of our new Grease Guardian X Series will give the ‘positive energy home’ that added selling point. That, and all the added benefits of having a Grease Trap in your home, including:

  • lessened drainage maintenance costs
  • exemption from legislation fines in certain areas
  • reduction of house flooding
  • increase your homes environmental friendliness
  • increase hygiene within your kitchen (leading to increased hygiene standard)
  • reduce odour within kitchens

Thanks again for reading the Grease Guardian FOG Blog and remember guys, come visit us at the Food & Hospitality Show 2015 at Citywest, Dublin for exclusive deals, information and to see the official Ireland launch of our Grease Trap GGX range!