Grease Guardian After-sales Servicing for your Grease Trap

The Grease Guardian Headquarters are located in Newry Northern Ireland.  We have a wide network of servicing available through the North and South of Ireland.  We pride our selves in providing the best after sales care for your Grease Guardian products. As well as our own fleet of engineers on the road Monday to Friday, we also have a network of close service partners available for a quicker response time for rural locations or emergency call-outs.

As the manufacturers of the Grease Guardian we provide all spare parts for our units and guarantee the best service for your business and kitchen requirements.  We have over 20 years of experience and have year on year expanded our service department to cater for the Grease Trap Industry servicing requirements.  We try to educate our customers on the daily maintenance required for Grease Traps, they cannot be installed and forgotten about.

Grease Traps require a minimal amount of daily maintenance, for an automatic unit this includes:

  • Emptying the side container off the oil that has been skimmed out into a seal proof container for collection
  • Wipe down the wiper blades inside the unit
  • Empty the hard waste basket and tip contents into the bin

For a manual Grease Trap:

  • Skim off the layer of oil that has gathered on top of the water within the unit on a daily basis either by scooping it out or using a wet vacuum.
  • Dosing Solution can also be used to break down the oil within the tank on a daily basis.

Different kitchens have different requirements according to their kitchen practices and what is going down the sink, we highly recommend that no food stuff goes down the plug hole, when very small pieces of food go down the sink it will be collected by the hard waste basket within the unit before allowing the water and oil to pass through, trapping the oil and skimming it out and finally allowing the clean treated water to pass through the outlet.

We have various service options available click HERE to view our brochure and please email: for more information on pricing or call me on +44(0)28 302 66616

In Dublin City as part of the council requirements all kitchen outlets are obliged to show records of their grease trap being emptied every three months and we have a service offer in place to cater for this option.  For the rest of Southern and Northern Ireland we recommend a service every three months for busy kitchens or for at the very least every six months for kitchens less busy.  We tailor or service options to suit your needs and Direct Debit options are available.

For customer based in the UK, our UK Agent Roz Dean of RGR Facilities has also a fleet of engineers on the road covering all of your Grease Guardian after sales maintenance requirements.  Please contact RGR HERE for further information.