Grease Trap on Exhibition at this years International PIR exhibition in Moscow

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Earlier this month our Russian Distributor Irina, exhibited at this years International PIR exhibition in Moscow. The International PIR exhibition was on the 5-8th of October. The Exhibition showed a great interest for Grease Guardian despite the current economical situation and we are following official meetings with local distributors.

Every year, Russian and foreign companies will exhibit new market restaurant equipment, current concepts, global trends and complete solutions for the design and equipping of all objects of trade and catering: restaurants, bars, cafes, canteens, food courts, grocery stores, large kitchens, business street food and catering companies.

All these 4 days, participants are professional audience of visitors: equipment suppliers, restaurateurs and managers, professional chefs, procurement managers and technicians and catering trade, representatives of consulting and service companies.

This is Grease Guardians fifth year exhibiting at this show and we always find new and exciting networks and customers.  “PIR Restaurant Equipment “- is not only the largest but also the most visited exhibition of the hospitality industry in Russia.  Irina has set up strong connections and business networks in Russia with the likes of KFC and McDonald’s and at these shows it is always great to see people we work with daily.

It is always Great to receive feedback from our distributors and a link to this show can be found HERE for further information.

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