Energy cuts set to influence Grease Trap Instalments

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Today’s blog is based on Jacquie McGlade, the UK’s chief environment scientist. Jacquie has publicly expressed her beliefs on the cuts made in the renewable energies sector in Britain.

I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world that has driven past a house that has been layered with solar panels, or has a wind turbine in the back garden and thought “how can I get one of them” or “I wonder how much that would save me a year on electric bills”. The likelihood is that those houses you drove past had their renewable energy systems installed complimentary of the local council or government. Local councils were allowing home owners to apply for a grant which would see renewable energy systems such as solar panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps installed onto their property. A percentage of the energy created would go to the home owner and a percentage would go to the council to be used elsewhere.  The idea of this was to take a proactive approach to energy sustainability, similar to the installation of grease traps in food producing establishments- taking a proactive approach to FOG management.

Due to the cuts that were implemented recently we can all kiss goodbye our dreams of having these installed at our own homes. The UK has come under heavy criticism from other countries for easing back on their mission for energy sustainability. As the UN Climate Summit in Paris approaches, Prof McGlade said the UK appeared to have abandoned its leadership on climate change while up to 150 other countries are making a big effort to make the move towards clean, renewable energy production in exchange of fossil fuels.

Since the subsidy cuts were implemented, up to 1000 people have lost their job in the clean energy industry and 3 major solar firms have closed down. This is expected to continue as energy investors have begun draining from the UK in search of more prospects elsewhere.

For you guys who are worried that you may not able to contribute to the environment while also insuring your finances, you still can!

The installation of a grease trap within restaurants and any other food producing establishments can bring a number of different benefits to you and your business.

  • lessened drainage maintenance costs
  • exemption from legislation fines in certain areas
  • reduction of house flooding
  • increase your homes environmental friendliness
  • increase hygiene within your kitchen (leading to increased hygiene standard)
  • reduce odour within kitchens
  • added element of kitchen automation within your kitchen

Also, our Coffee Guardian which performs with the same principles as the Grease Guardian grease trap is attached onto the outlet of an expresso machine and filters coffee grounds thus stopping blockages and clogs which can lead to flooding, decrease in product quality and subsequent loss of business.

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