Under-Maintained Grease Traps and False Teeth lead to Fatbergs

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Today’s FOG Blog is one of the more peculiar topics I have covered in recent times. It is based on the increased amount of drain blockages being discovered in Scotland and the cause of them. After sewage maintenance companies investigated the blockages that where occurring over and over again, they established that the cause of the blockages was from ‘fatbergs’.

For those who are new to the grease trap industry, fatbergs are solidified fats and materials that combine, congeal and ultimately block the waste water pathway, thus causing flooding. The majority of fatbergs that form within the UK’s sewers are caused by the release of fats, oils and greases, combined with materials such as cotton buds and nappies. Among these, phones, false teeth and golf balls have been a major contributor to fatbergs in Scotland (that’s right, you heard me correctly).

Scottish Water has recently started a new campaign which will urge people to restrict items they put into the toilet to the 3 P’s- pee, poo and [toilet] paper. The director of communications for Scottish Water, Chris Wallace, has come out saying that the campaign has been successful so far and that it has “contributed to a sizable reduction in the number of blocked drains and sewers across Scotland” but with 35,000 blockages still happening each year, more can and will be done.

It is likely that heavier enforcement of grease traps within food establishments will come about as a direct result of this shocking statistic. This will include there daily upkeep, general maintenance, emptying and desludging. Luckily enough for Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Trap owners, maintenance is significantly less than that of manual grease traps and emptying and desludging through external companies is needed less often. This alone, can save a business up to £2000 per year, making the Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Trap a wise investment for any food establishment.

The final element of Scottish Water’s campaign is a short advert highlighting the need for the Scottish population to turn off the tap while they are cleaning their teeth, stating that this can save up to 18,980 litres of water each year, per person.

In conclusion, we at Grease Guardian believe that the increased enforcement of grease traps in food producing businesses will heavily influence the number of sewer blockages in Scotland.
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