Grease Traps and Coffee Traps are scoring in popularity!

First of all, all of us at the Grease Guardian department hope you guys had a great Halloween weekend and that you didn’t find it too difficult to get settled back into work on this cool autumn morning- if so, make sure to get a nice strong cup of coffee from your favorite local coffee shop!

Speaking of local coffee, Johnsons, a Lisburn-based coffee maker and David Patterson, a landscape gardener from the same area will attempt to grow coffee plants in Northern Ireland. Although this is a small experiment with only 18 coffee trees being planted (compared to the 1.2bn trees in Brazil), a lot is riding on its results, including the success of Johnsons potential locally grown coffee business.

A number of different factors influence the growth of coffee plants, and plants in general; light, soil composition, oxygen and temperature, being the most important of these. These favourable conditions are found in countries that border the equatorial line, within the tropics, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia and Ethiopia. These countries are among the largest exporters, globally, for coffee beans. David has spoken to coffee producers in these countries and asked what conditions would give for peak coffee production so he can replicate it in Northern Ireland.

If this experiment was to go to plan and David and Johnsons coffee shop was to be a striving success we would see a massive increase in locally brewed coffee and we could only imagine that the amount of people using coffee locally would increase. This would have obvious benefits to the local economy and to each individual coffee drinker. However, there are a number of potential drawbacks regarding the production and usage of coffee.

Expresso machines are required to grind coffee in order to make the end product- a cup of coffee. Some of these coffee grinds can make their way into your pipe network and local sewers. This can cause blockages, drain busts and flooding which can total thousands of pounds to recover. This is before you take into consideration loss of business and reduction of product quality.

We at Grease Guardian have introduced a state of the art, revolutionary product that will solve all your needs regarding coffee related blockages. The COFFEE GUARDIAN has the same principles as our Grease Guardian grease trap as it filters the effluent coming from the coffee machine and allows the clean, coffee-free water to flow down the drain, therefore causing no threat of blocking your drains.

For more information on our Coffee Guardian or Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Traps you can visit our website or view our e-brochure.

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