Grease Separators: Significantly reducing sewer maintenance costs.

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There has been a massive step taken in the journey towards sustainable energy, in Morocco. The Moroccan government has announced that a newly built solar plant will open next month and will be a major contributor in their attempt to get 42% of its electricity from renewables by the year 2020.

The solar plant, which is located at Ouarzazate, city in Morocco, uses the energy from the sun to melt salt, which effectively holds heat and can be transferred to storable energy through a steam turbine powered by the heated salt. The plant stretches across a vast area of desert land, equivalent to the size of 35 soccer fields. Many people believe this is a great way to utilise the natural climate of this country. The initial stage will supply electricity for 3 hours a day, and by the final stage it is expected to supply energy to millions of Moroccans for 20 hours each day.

The country of Morocco is currently 98% dependent on imported fossil fuels to run the countries and infrastructure. This shocking statistic has forced the king of Morocco to adopt the more sustainable approach which also includes wind turbines and hydro-electric engines. Other ways to increase the sustainability of a country is to avoid expenditures such as maintenance. Here in Ireland, a number of legislations where put in place to reduce maintenance and damage costs of sewers. This involved the introduction of a number of laws that encouraged food producing establishments such as restaurants and fast food takeaways to install a grease trap at their major effluent outlets.

This has had massively beneficial results to the municipal sewer networks and restaurant owner’s pipe network, not to mention the money it has saved them through maintenance savings, exemption from fines and fees and reduction of flooding. Other benefits of installing a grease trap in your kitchen include; increased hygiene, increased environmental sustainability and reduced odour within the kitchen. These all contribute to a better hygiene standard which can influence the popularity of your business.

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