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Grease Guardian grease trap

Fatbergs causing “sewer destruction”- Grease Guardian can help!

Hello FOG Blog Readers! I have been inspired to write this FOG Blog because of a recent surge in fatbergs in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead that is costing Thames Water £1million each month in maintenance and clearing costs. For those who are not aware of what a fatberg i

Grease Traps and Automatic Grease Removal Devices to be maintained daily

Hello FOG Blog Readers! It has come to our attention that an excess of sludge in West Bridgewater has led to a persistent bad smell coming from the sewer network, in the West Bridgewater area. The matter came to the attention of local officials after numerous complaints came in about

Pollution and the struggle against FOG blockages: Grease Guardian

Hello FOG Blog Readers! I recently came across a news article which was based around a study that was carried out in the UK. The study was centred around pollution and its harmful effects on people, especially air pollution. It was easy for me to relate to this study as we at the Grea


The Grease Guardian stand at this years Facilities Management Ireland Show looked fantastic this year and a massive thank you to everyone who visited our stand.  The GG team had a busy two days and are back in the office today with sore feet! We displayed our new GGX 50 unit for the f

Campaigns to reduce sewer blockages, starting point?…Install a Grease Trap

Dear FOG Blog Readers! There has been a new campaign in Scotland to reduce the amount of sewer blockages that occur. The campaign has been established by Scottish Water and has come about as a result of rising numbers in sewer blockages and flooding. Scott Fraser, the campaign manager

FM Ireland at the RDS 8th/9th March

Grease Guardian is an international success story in the area of drainage and grease management, with over 13000 units installed globally. Through our chain of distributors, we can offer a personalised service and individually design units when required.  We also sell and install grea
Grease Guardian grease trap

Grease Trap and the ‘smart plug’ introduction

Today’s FOG Blog is focusing on something we all know about very well- the cost of electricity. If you are not familiar with ‘bitcoin’, bitcoin is a virtual currency “in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of fun