Grease Trap and the ‘smart plug’ introduction

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Today’s FOG Blog is focusing on something we all know about very well- the cost of electricity. If you are not familiar with ‘bitcoin’, bitcoin is a virtual currency “in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.” (Google, 2016)

A new “smart plug” has been created which will ultimately shop for different power suppliers and sign up for a cheaper one, automatically, if it happens to find one. The smart plug can adjust power consumption minute-by-minute. This is all done through the, previously mentioned, bitcoin! This is viewed as a revolutionary product that can help low-income families who pay directly for power.

Here at Grease Guardian, we believe that energy sustainability is the way forward and this can be seen in all of our products. As the issue of energy costs and carbon emissions has increased, Grease Guardian have made small changes to our grease removal devices to do what is right, and to have what our customers want. This illustrates our willingness to change and our ability to adjust and adapt. Examples of this include:

• Introduction of energy saving heating elements
• PLC sleep mode allows unit to ‘sleep’ when not in use or in ‘quiet period’
• Ability to set cycles for skimming wheel, heating element and blower
• Can turn off electrics and unit will function as a manual trap
• Drive motor power reduced to lower overall energy consumption
With the newly introduced ‘smart plug’ getting great reviews, who knows, you may see one of them attached to each of our grease removal devices in the near future.

Thanks again for reading, guys! See you again next week for another FOG Blog!

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