Campaigns to reduce sewer blockages, starting point?…Install a Grease Trap

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There has been a new campaign in Scotland to reduce the amount of sewer blockages that occur. The campaign has been established by Scottish Water and has come about as a result of rising numbers in sewer blockages and flooding. Scott Fraser, the campaign manager at Scottish Water, has stated that the main cause of sewer blockages is “items such as wipes, nappies and sanitary items being put down toilets”.

With the effluent pipe which runs from a house to the main sewer line being only the same size as a DVD, it is clear that they are not built for carrying said items. In fact, the pipes are made to carry the 3 P’s only: Pee, Poo and [toilet] Paper.

Scott Fraser went on to describe the detrimental effects that sewer blockages can have on the beaches and costal environments, stating “we at Scottish Water are determined to do all we can to protect and enhance Scotland’s natural environment.”

With the main cause of the blockages coming from unsuitable materials being dispensed down the drains, these can be avoided very easily. With the introduction of a grease removal device, such as the Grease Guardian, fats oils and greases (which are a massive culprit in municipal sewer blockages) are stopped at the source before they go down the drain and become congealed and harden.

The Grease Guardian grease trap uses a combination of manual and automatic grease separation to ensure up to 98% of fats, oils and grease (FOG) are removed from the water before being passed down into the drains and later into the municipal sewer networks. To allow for maximum efficiency and value for money, the unit will be sized accordingly to the flow rate, meals per day and food type processed.  For example, butchers that process a lot of meat and blood, will need a different unit than that of a unit in a café/restaurant that is processing mass amounts of grease and oil.

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