I would like to draw your attention to two variations of the same concept within our Coffee Guardian Range (which can be viewed HERE);

The first (called an ST2) allows for the coffee grounds filter to be located directly under the “Barista” coffee machine, thus intercepting the grounds, oils, milk and cafiza detergent that are discharged both during the brewing process and the backwash cycle.  As well as the filter cylinder and 5 filter socks (which can be the equivalent of 3-5 months’ supply) the ST2 is  supplied with the wall mounting brackets, and the Barista machine discharge hose adapters. Thus making the installation a 15-20 minute DIY project.

Our research indicates that a typical coffee machine that does 400-500 cups of coffee a day could typically discharge 100g per week of coffee powder into the drains via its brew and machine backwash programme. Most blockages from the coffee machines will occur  within 3-5 meters of the coffee machine itself, making the cleaning out of the drains quite a difficult and costly activity:

The second is the ST4 Coffee Guardian. This is a 4 litre capacity stainless steel tank that is designed to sit under the wash-down sink and recover the waste that would be washed down the sink including coffee, pastries and other café debris. It will have a similar sock to the ST2 but obviously the sock can swell out to capture more volume. It can be adapted to include coarser screening if the nature of the waste is more food waste than coffee.

We are the manufacturers of the products, therefore we can discuss the issues in confidence with you. There is more information in the below links to both the online brochure and the YouTube Channel.


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