Increase in FOG Programs; Have you installed a Grease Guardian?

Good Morning!

This weeks FOG BLOG talks about the increase in FOG Programs being introduced around the world.  There is no doubt a noticeable increase in the number of FOG programs popping up in towns and cities globally all in the aim of reducing the level of Fat, Oil and Grease going down sink drains.

More and more cities are forced to implement a FOG Program due to the levels of Fat, Oil and Grease being poured down the drains of all types of food serving establishments.  Costly sewage backups are caused by flushing FOG down the kitchen sink.

One city putting an end to this is Kennewick Washington USA.  This City is taking action by holding the biggest contributors to account for the Grease that is going down the drains.

Whether you use cooking oil or vinaigrette or even milk, all these ingredients contribute towards clogging up sewage systems and water treatment plants as they get washed down the pipes.  Liquids cool down and harden in the pipe works to form large FATBERGS which block water flowing through the pipes and cause massive and costly issues for the drainage systems.

The city of Kennewick USA states that these drainage blockages cost the city $135,000 a year to clean up-that’s a lot of FOG going down the sink!  One method of prevention is to install a Grease Trap under the sink or for larger establishments install outside or underground.  Grease Guardian provide a range of Grease Traps both manually and automatic systems which collect all FOG before allowing clear water to flow down the drains.  To view our range of products visit our website HERE.

Kennewick’s restaurants, cafes and new businesses now all must install a correctly sized Grease Trap into their kitchens in a combined effort to cut the levels of FOG going down the drains.  In the home you can do your part too by avoiding pouring FOG down your kitchen sink.

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