Grease Guardian reducing FATBERGS: Can Grease Traps help??

If you have been following our FOG Blogs recently, you will know that fatbergs are becoming an increasingly nasty and annoying feature of many busy cities’ sewer networks. Just to refresh; fatbergs are congealed pieces of fats, oils and grease (FOG) that become jammed in pipes and sewers. The fatbergs will ultimately stop water from making its way down the pipeline and can cause sewer back-ups and flooding. Fatbergs are caused by food particles, FOG and household items such as plastic bags and toilet roll making their way down sinks, toilets and into the municipal sewer lines.

Stories of fatbergs causing mayhem keep popping up regularly on the internet and over the news. Today is no exception with another fatberg story appearing, this time in London. Daryl Eastman is a waste network engineer and it is his job to monitor and clean the sewers that run into the Thames River. This included clearing out the sewers when fatbergs arise. To do this, him and his team use a high powered jet to “blast away” the “food waste, condoms, nappies and fat” from the inside of the pipes. The same jet that is used for this procedure is capable of pumping out 10 gallons of water per minute and the overall operations costs the Thames Waters around £1million per month.

Daryl has stated that he finds some unbelievable items in the sewer while he is down cleaning them and he has no idea how they would get there. However, the main culprit is FOG and we at Grease Guardian believe we have the answer that can minimize and prevent the creation of fatbergs within inner-city areas. Grease Guardian manufacture and distribute automated grease traps all over the world. These are mainly installed under sinks and separate FOG from the water effluent and ultimately stop it from being passed down into the restaurants pipes and onto the sewers.

These come in a number of different sizes and types and we are sure we have one that will suit your kitchen. For more information on how you can become the proud owner of a grease guardian, please contact us on the details given below.

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