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A new biodiesel factory is set to open in the UK this summer.  It plans to recycle chip fat oil and convert this into renewable energy which can fuel cars and lorries.  This is a great step to help reduce the FOG problem which is common in most cities.  The factory aims to process 250,000 tons of waste into 85 million litres of biodiesel a year.  Think how much of this waste may have ended up in the sewage system!!!

FOG or fats, oil and grease are a problem when they enter the waste water system.  When this happens the FOG can attach to the pipes in the sewage system and causes blockages, floods and costs an estimated 75 million pounds each year to tackle.

Households can dispose of FOG waste by not pouring FOG down the sink, wipe off excess grease and foods from plates and use a sink guardian to stop the waste from entering the waste system.  For larger kitchens and B&B’s using manual or automatic grease trap is extremely beneficial.  If you are interested in either a manual or automatic grease trap please see the below for more information on the products that we offer.

We also offer annual service agreements and callout services carried out by fully trained and certified technicians.  To help maintain your grease trap to the highest level of performance regular services are recommended and in some countries including Dublin a service is required four times a year.  If you want more information on our services please see the contact details below.

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