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Another fatberg has been discovered in the UK this month.

In South Hykeham, Lincolnshire, a team of workers had the unfortunate task of clearing a van sized fatberg from the sewer.  The fatberg was found to be made from wet wipes, nappies and hardened cooking oil.  What some households and food establishments forget is that warm oil or fat that is poured down the drain will form into a solid mass once cooled.

This particular fatberg took a team of workers, water jets and thousands of gallons of water to clear.  Anglian water estimates that there are over 30,000 blockages each year with 80 percentage of these caused by oil and wet wipes.  The problem is avoidable if local businesses install a properly sized grease trap and home owners follow the below steps:

  • Wipe excess food and grease from plates and pots before washing in the sink
  • Pour hot oil from cooking into a fat jar or pot and dispose once cooled.
  • Never pour hot oil or fat down the drain – this will harden once cool.
  • Invest in a sink strainer – this will help catch food waste from entering the water system.

At Grease Guardian we stock both manual and automatic grease traps.  The automatic grease trap fits under kitchen sinks and requires less room that a passive trap.  With a grease removal rate of 98% it is one of the most effective grease removal devices on the market.

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