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Grease Traps can help fight the FOG

FOG waste can form a fatberg

The dangers of fatbergs and blockages have been a popular topic for our blog.  I came across an article online reporting that a restaurant owner has been convicted for blocking sewers in a landmark case.  The number of convictions are low for this type of offense but this might be about to change.  The restaurant was fine five thousand pounds and have plans to install a grease trap.

The sewer was blocked due to the restaurant discharging Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) into the local sewers.  As a result of the blockage local businesses and residents could not flush their toilets!


Over a period of time Fats, Oils and Grease going down the drains hardens to form a blockage.  This can also be referred to as a Fatberg and can result in an expensive repair and maintenance job for local water authorities.  The restaurant owner had been visited and given recommendations and warning to install a grease trap before the conviction.  This is only the second case which has been taken to court in the UK.

In this case the installation of the grease trap could have avoided the fine and legal proceeding as the water company had recommended this action a number of times.  This may be an action that other water companies will consider after education and recommendations are ignored by food establishments.

If you own a restaurant or busy kitchen why not avoid any unnecessary fines and problems and install a grease trap. We can supply both manual and automatic grease traps and also offer a range of food and sink strainers which are ideal for busy kitchens.

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