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There has been recent articles online highlighting the efforts water companies are taking to ensure the sewer remains working efficiently.

When there is a build-up of FOG’s (Fats, Oil and Grease) in the sewer system this can result in the formation of a fatberg.  There has been numerous fatbergs removed from the London area and other cities in the UK.  This is not only expensive but can cause disruption for businesses and residents.  One the size of a double decker bus was discovered in London and had reduced the sewer to around five percent of its working capacity.

When you factor in other waste which residents pour down sinks and toilets this can cause an even bigger impact.  Recent articles on-line have highlighted the problem that wet wipes are having on the sewer system.  Not all wet wipes are disposable and when they are flushed down the toilet they can form blockages.  When wet wipes meet FOG waste in the sewer this results in a much larger fatberg forming.  Every year millions of pounds are spent fixing blockages caused by FOG and wet-wipes.  Using grease traps, sinks strainers and good kitchen practices will help reduce FOG waste entering the drains.

Restaurants can reduce problems with FOG discharge by installing a Grease Trap.  In some cities local councils are operating FOG programmes and installing and maintaining a grease trap is mandatory for FOG producing restaurants.

Grease Guardian Grease Traps

Grease Guardian offers a range of products which are suitable for busy kitchens.  We manufacture and supply manual and automatic grease traps which are designed to separate fats, oil and grease allowing clean water to enter the sewage systems.  The Grease Guardian website has specifications and more information on the grease trap range.  Please contact Grease Guardian on the below number if you have any questions on our products or email us your questions.


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