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Grease traps for kitchens. Grease removal units drawing.

Grease traps are now a common piece of kitchen equipment and are fast becoming a requirement for any FOG producing restaurant.  Grease Guardian not only offers a range of both automatic and manual grease traps but we also stock a number of kitchen solutions to help with waste management.

Every kitchen will produce both FOG waste and general food waste.  It is important that this is managed correctly.  If too much food waste is going down the drain the risk is that blockages will occur.  It can also result in smells and attracting vermin which is not good news for any food establishment.


The Food Guardian prevents food waste blockages which is suitable for food preparation sinks and positioning upstream from grease traps.  The Food Guardian is easy to install and is available in three different models.


The number of new coffee shops is growing each year and Grease Guardian has a genius product called a Coffee Guardian which filters coffee ground waste from coffee machines.  The ST2 is a filter for industrial coffee machines which treats waste flow from the backwash before going down the drain.  The waste coffee grounds are strained through an ultra-fine mesh filter and collected for disposal.

Models ST4 and ST8 coffee waste filters can be installed under sinks used in cafes to strain coffee grounds.  It will also have the added bonus of no more drain blockages!  Some companies are using coffee grounds to make furniture, fuel and fertiliser for gardens.

More information on out full product range can be found on the website or contact us for more information.

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