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Rise in spending for Pubs and Restaurants
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A recent study has reported that consumer spending in restaurants and pubs in the UK is up by over 12 percent compared to figures for this time last year.  This is welcomed news for these establishments and the hotel sector has also seen a rise for this year.  An increase in trade for these establishments will result in more FOG waste being produced by kitchens.  This can be reduced by installing a grease trap/grease removal device.


One of the reasons for the increase in FOG waste is the diet we now follow is higher in fat than previous decades.  What is even more surprising is UK households pour on average seven olympic swimming pools worth of oil down sinks and drains each year!  When this is combined with Fog waste from commercial kitchens the figure will be much higher.

In the US overflows and blockages from restaurants and food outlets contribute to over 50% of the problem.  An accumulation of FOG will result in a fatberg forming which prevents waste water reaching treatment plants, flooding and damage to the sewage network.

FOG programmes are in operation in most major cities and it is typically a requirement for a grease trap to be installed and maintained in FOG producing kitchens.  The FOG programme operating in Dublin has seen a significant reduction in the number of blockages and flooding each year since the programme started.

Grease Guardian Range

Grease Guardian offers a range of products which can help trap FOG at the source and manage waste effectively.  The Grease Guardian is built to last and takes industrial pre-treatment of FOG to a professional level.  More information on both the manual and automatic grease trap range can be found on the website.



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