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Seasons greetings from Grease Guardian!

With only a few days left before festive dinner preparations get underway water authorities have reported the risk of flooding and fatbergs is higher during this period.

Yorkshire Water has distributed fat collection containers in a bid to prevent the waste being poured down the drain.  Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) lead to over three quarters of all blockages found.  It is important to remember that although the oil may be liquid when it is hot it will solidify once cool. Running the hot water tap does not stop the FOG waste from turning into a solid mass. If a higher volume of oils and fats are poured down drains the solid mass will grow in size and damage or even break pipes!  Thames Water spends an estimated 1 million per month to keep the sewers blockage free.


Norther Ireland water has spent over five million pounds in the past two years clearing over 40,000 blockages and is asking household to not pour oils/fats down sinks this Christmas.  The have launched an appeal to ask customers to keep drains clear and dispose fats and oils when cool into the bin.

Below are some tips that can be used by both households and restaurants over the Christmas period:

  • Scrap excess food from plates before washing
  • Wipe any excess Fats, Oil and Grease from plates before washing
  • Pour excess fat and oil into a fat jar and dispose once cooled
  • Use a sink strainer to catch food debris
  • Don’t pour waste coffee grinds down the sink
  • Restaurants and businesses can install and maintain a grease trap

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Happy New Year from everyone at Grease Guardian