GREASE and all that fun!

When our Grease Guardian units are delivered to our happy customers, they are all shiny and clean and gleaming! literally it is the only time a Grease Trap looks attractive before they find their home in a kitchen and work solid keeping your drains FOG free.  We are proud of our wide range of units, 40 years of engineering and improvements have developed the best quality Grease Traps in the world.  What ever you are looking for we have it from a Coffee Sediment trap, Food Waste Traps, Manual or Fully Automated Grease Traps to large Industrial basement units and even customized Marine units.

Once your shiny new Grease Guardian has been delivered and installed our engineer is booked to go to site and commission your new equipment.  This is extremely helpful and ensures the Grease Trap is properly installed and connected to the pipework.  The engineer ensures the unit is correctly positioned and adjusts the settings if required.  If the unit is Automatic the settings need to be correct so the right level of grease is being skimmed off each day.  This depends on the kitchens busy meal times and level of grease previously going down the drains.

Our engineer will also train staff on daily maintenance steps to ensure the unit is working at optimum condition.  Daily maintenance steps include the following and are very simple and quick to carry out:

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As well as keeping up to date with daily maintenance on your Grease Guardian, we recommend a complete unit de sludge at the very least every three months by one of our fully qualified and experienced engineers.  As the manufacturers we also carry out a full health check on your Grease Trap and advise of any findings.  We offer very favourable quotes for one off servicing, one off pump outs and All-Inclusive Service Contracts.

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