grease traps
Grease Trap in action

Grease Guardian Automatic (Under-sink) Range

How does it work? Grease from sinks or ovens enters the stainless steel fully sealed tank through an inlet (1), Food waste is strained in a removable filter (2), grease separates from water in the main grease trap tank (3), grease is skimmed away by a drum or wheel (4) and discharged
Grease Guardian FOG BLOG

So what could you do with all that Grease instead of it going down the drain?

As we know, its all the fats, oils and Grease that we pour down our sinks and drains that are causing these terrible and gross FATBURGS under our cities and towns.  What could we do with all this FOG instead?  As with the case of coffee beans, most people are aware now that coffee was

Grease is blocking our under ground rapidly…Globally!

At Grease Guardian, we feel we are constantly telling everyone and anyone who will listen about the issues of FAT, OIL and GREASE..but yet it is our job to inform and educate the public and businesses of these dangers. The main danger being….FATBURGS.  Fatbergs are formed when c

Good ideas start with great coffee…

“Finally! No more blockages”…. As you know, we trap Grease, its what we do and we do it dam well 🙂 In the passed 10 years the trend of a ‘Coffee Culture’ has really stuck and today we drink more coffee than ever before…2 billion cups per day globall