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“Finally! No more blockages”….

As you know, we trap Grease, its what we do and we do it dam well 🙂

In the passed 10 years the trend of a ‘Coffee Culture’ has really stuck and today we drink more coffee than ever before…2 billion cups per day globally to be precise.  In the UK alone, 55 million cups of coffee are consumed every single day….now that is a LOT of caffeine.

It is also a lot of coffee beans and waste coffee sediment.  Where does all this sediment go? well i can tell you it goes down our sinks and drains and causes serious blockages.

Back in the day, people thought coffee grounds were good for their pipes. “It keeps them clear,” they would say, as they dumped their morning grounds down their delicate plumbing system. “And smelling fresh!”

Not true. So not true. Coffee grounds are as good as cement in pipes.  When you dump a mass of soggy grounds down the drain, they’ll turn into an impenetrable nightmare.

What to do instead?  Coffee sediment has many uses including:

  1. Pest repellent
  2. Fertilize your Garden
  3. Compost it for later

You can collect all this sediment with one of our Coffee Guardians It is very simple to install and goes under the sink.

The ST2 Guardian is a filter for industrial coffee machines, specifically designed to treat the waste flow of the backwash before going to the drain. Coffee grounds are strained through an ultra fine fabric mesh filter. The ST2 is easy to fit and comes with pipe fittings and wall brackets for easy installation. The ultra fine fabric mesh filter can be used to strain the grounds. For confined spaces ST2 mini version is available.

View our Coffee Guardian Video here:

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See our brochure here: Coffee Guardian

For more information about installing a Coffee Guardian please contact us HERE

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