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More and more we are all reading of these massive blobs of Fat, Oil and Grease (aka: FOG) clogging up our drains, pipes and sewage works across the globe. This problem truly is now Global, for the fact finders the term “Fatberg” is even recognized within the Oxford English Dictionary.
The creation of a FATBERG is aided by all sorts of rubbish including wet wipes and thousands of objects that should be binned instead of flushed. We have all been there, a small bit of used cooking oil left in the pan; do I pour it down the sink or dispose of it responsibly in a collection bin?
If we all decide to pour oil down the sinks thinking it is harmless and insignificant, someone else is doing the same and somewhere else the same process is repeated until we are ALL in the creation process together. We are ALL adding to the FATBERG nightmare.
Eventually, more fat, oil, and grease congeal onto the mess and build up into giant stinking globs. When they get big enough, fatbergs can clog sewers entirely, sending raw sewage gushing into streets. By the time a 15-ton monstrosity was pulled from the sewers of London’s Kingston borough in 2013.
The United States and United Kingdom report the most fatbergs, says engineer Thomas Wallace of University College Dublin. Not only do both nations produce copious fatberg ingredients, but they also have many aging sewer systems ill-equipped to deal with the onslaught of fat and trash from growing populations.
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As fatbergs have grown, scientists have learned more about how they form and how to fight them. For starters, scientists only recently discovered that most of the mass in fatbergs is actually a form of sewer-made soap. In places where fatbergs are on the rise, sewer manager’s point to wet wipes as a major part of the problem. These pre-moistened toilet wipes are made for both babies and adults, and while many are sold as “flushable,” poorly dissolved wipes are pulled from sewers by the ton. Worse, the tough cloths can serve as excellent building blocks for fatbergs.


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