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Sizing made easy with Grease Guardian online

Are you a restaurateur?  Do you need to install a grease trap?  Not sure what size of trap to install? Grease Guardian are making it easy to choose the best fit for you.  This week we are launching our new sizing calculator online which will allow you to get a direct quote for your gr
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So what do we actually do with waste Fat, Oil & Grease?

So, we know it is wrong to dispose of our used cooking oils and grease down the sink drain, so what should we do with this waste? We all love to cook a slap up meal, a good breakfast and a yummy lunch.  Some of our favorite meals include oils to fry and cook with, and after our meal i
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Fat, Oil, Grease, Waste….fuel for the 21st century?

In Grease Guardian, our entire focus has always been:  to collect grease, fat and oil from entering the pipes and sewers that we cannot see.  We have an environmental responsibility to protect our globe for future generations. Fats, Oils and Grease was always viewed as “waste
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Greg James vs. THE FATBERG!

There is no doubting it, a massive rise in awareness of FATBERGS is significantly rising! and it is simply unavoidable. Unfortunately fatbergs have become a house-hold term, people are gaining knowledge of the problems caused by pouring waste fats, oils and grease down the sinks and d