Wanna Get Rid Of Grease Trap Odour?

Having a bad odour in your kitchen leaves a bad impression and if you are running a restaurant then it will also affect your business. Most commonly, those nauseating smells are nothing but the grease trap odour. Grease traps work efficiently to separate the FOG from wastewater, prevent sewer blockages and reduces the chances of wastewater collection. But when you have one installed, you most probably have had to deal with grease trap odour once in a while.

Nevertheless, you could get rid of the stinky problem if you know its causes and some potential solutions. So here we are with its causes and some recipes that can help you drive the odour away.

What Causes Grease Trap Odour?

If you want to get rid of the grease trap odour, the first and foremost thing you need to do is analyse the cause of the bad odour from the grease trap. The most common causes are:

Filthy Grease Trap

While a grease trap separates the FOG from the wastewater, some food particles and organic solids are trapped inside, eventually settling to the bottom of the tank. When this organic waste is broken down by the microorganisms, toxic waste such as hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric gases is emitted. The sulphuric gases are responsible for producing the foul smell inside the grease trap. Whereas the interaction of hydrogen sulphide with water produces strong acid that reacts adversely with the steel and concrete composition of the tank. Ultimately, we need to understand that filthy grease traps are primarily responsible for the grease trap odour. Hence, it is important that grease interceptors are pumped or cleaned on regular basis.

Improper ventilation of grease trap

The flow control device of the grease trap is equipped with a vent that draws in the air that is required to aid in improving the separation efficiency inside the tank. When you have a grease trap system, the location of the ventilation plays a crucial role. To prevent grease trap odour, it is important that ventilation is located in an appropriate place which is positioned away from the building.

Broken P trap

P trap serves as a barrier for the odour to be released from drains. So, if the P trap is broken, it can result in diffusion of the bad odour in your food establishment.

Quick-home-tricks To Drive Away Grease Trap Odour

After detecting the cause of bad odour, it is time you try out some simple yet effective remedies right in your kitchen. Be it a commercial or a domestic kitchen, these quick-home-tricks have proved to be a sigh of relief.

Hot/Boiling Water

If you want to see the simple power of hot water, just pour it down the stinking sink. Making a habit of pouring down the leftover hot water after cooking relevant dishes is a wonderful idea. Hot water helps in killing the bacteria that is responsible for the grease trap odour. The more regularly you pour down hot water, the more it will take care of the smell coming out of the grease trap.

Baking soda and vinegar

These two ingredients are excellently versatile in kitchen applications than we can think. Pour about a handful or 1 cup of baking soda in the sink and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Now pour about ½ to 1 cup of vinegar (white vinegar) on it. Let the mixture bubble up and sit for about 10 minutes. Now, wash down hot boiling water and you are done. This remedy will help in keeping the grease trap odour away for the next 6 weeks, depending on the usage of the sink. Plus, it also helps in unclogging the drains.


Pouring a ½ cup of coarse salt in the sink before dumping baking soda, vinegar and hot water can give you better results as salt acts as an abrasive component.

What If You Are Still Suffering From The Stinky Odour?

Home-tricks work most of the times when the problem is not very intense. However, if these quick remedies are not able to dissipate the smell, you can book a service with us.

Grease Guardian exercises the most appropriate solution with due diligence to treat the grease trap odour problem. We carry out a keen assessment into the root cause of the bad smell coming out of the grease trap and fix the issue. Our service providers are professionals that work out the right strategy to fix the issue. Some of these include pumping the trap out, cleaning the pipes and the walls with water jets, and the use of natural odour control products to treat the issue.

We make sure that you receive the best value for your money while eliminating the issue completely.

Do You Want To Stay Away From Grease Trap Odour Permanently?

Nobody likes to experience the stinky odour coming from the kitchen, neither your staff nor you. Periodic maintenance of grease trap avoids the foul smell, until and unless there is any external damage to the grease trap. Hence, it is best recommended to book a regular maintenance service to protect the grease trap and your business from the problem. Alternatively, if you have a simple manually working grease trap, you can assign your kitchen staff with the regular cleaning of the equipment.

Reliable Grease Traps From Grease Guardian

Grease Guardian brings for the food establishments the most efficient and reliable grease trap units. These units are designed to provide optimal performance with self-cleaning systems and automated processes. Here are the details of two products manufactured by the grease trap experts.

1. X25 Grease Guardian (1.5 l/s, 60 Litres capacity)

X25 Grease Guardian is an automatic grease removal unit designed for sinks and ovens. The product is completely made of stainless steel that helps in protecting the tank’s composition from the attack of toxic wastes emitted during organic decomposition. As it skims the grease from wastewater automatically, there are no odours, and the lid closure gasket further seals in any lingering smells. Click here to find out more.


2. D2 Grease Guardian (1.25 l/s, 45 Litres capacity)

The D Series models distinguish themselves from the X Series with their unique wiper blade and the placement of the grease collection container. However, both series share the same underlying concept. The D2 remains an Automatic Grease Removal Device, ensuring minimal maintenance and reduced odours as it efficiently skims grease from wastewater. Explore further details here.


Watch Burger King’s testimonial on their experience with the D Series by clicking here.

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Odours from grease traps are a frequent issue faced by food establishments. However, with Grease Guardian’s long-standing presence in the industry, you can permanently avoid this unpleasant problem.