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Where Are The Problems Caused By Grease?

Lets get rid of the Grease…Permanently

If you own a restaurant, a cafe, a hotel or perhaps a hospital you would know about the challenges associated with the maintenance of a commercial kitchen.  During the cooking process fats, oils and grease are present and need disposed off correctly or else it will lead to a blockage
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Grease Guardian on the Frontline of Engineering

Grease Guardian are the best Grease Trap Suppliers Ireland, UK, USA and Internationally Grease Guardian grease traps are approved for sale in Ireland and England as well as most major cities in over 30 countries. Grease Guardians are manufactured by FM Environmental Ltd founded in 197
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The Wet Wipe Saga continues!

According to WATER UK, in 2019 there is to be strict rules and regulations surrounding the labeling and packaging of “flush-able” wet wipes. A new standard for flush-able wet wipes has been announced, amid concerns about sewer-blocking fatbergs, solid masses of fat, wet wi
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Does my food related business require a Grease Guardian?

Chances are, if you run a food outlet of any description or size, the answer is yes, you are required to install a grease trap, be it manual, automatic, under sink or centralized. Locally and Globally there are strict regulations in place by authorities regarding how much grease can b

Help & Guidance with your Grease Guardian Unit

If you have installed or thinking of installing a Grease Guardian we have a complete after sales package of: Site visits, measurements and sizing, advise, help, guidance and product information Commissioning of units Full product service with our team of fully qualified engineers Full