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The Grease Guardian website over this passed couple of weeks been updated to reflect the improvements in our product range of grease traps.

If you require the latest specification sheets on any of our grease traps, food sediment traps or coffee filters check out our SPECIFICATIONS TAB.

All product manuals are also downloadable from the Grease Guardian website, click here for access:  GREASE TRAP MANUALS.

Grease Traps explained. grease removal units

Furthermore, to watch our videos on installation and maintenance, see our video section, HERE.

An extremely useful feature on our website is the Grease Guardian Calculator.  This calculator allows you to input the size or sizes of your sink bowl(s) to calculate what Grease Trap is best suited to your requirements.  Or if you require a combi guardian or a large basement installation, the calculator will swiftly take you through to generate the best suited solution for your needs.

Install a grease trap under the wash-up sink of a restaurant to stop grease at source. Combination ovens also drain fat away and can be often connected to the same trap. Grease Guardian recommends our under sink automatic grease removal units (GRU) for the best performance. Manual under sink grease traps are also available but require monthly pump outs. The size of these grease interceptors is determined by the flow rate of the sink fixture.

Grease Guardian also provide a range of centralized grease traps and grease removal systems that can be installed in basement locations to handle the entire flow of all kitchens in a hotel complex. The size of these grease interceptors is determined by the pipe diameter and distance from the kitchen fixtures.

We are available via email or phone for any help or advise you require.

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