Grease Guardian, the X series continues to impress globally.

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Fats, oils and grease (FOG) are the cause of most sewer pipe blockages. All food service operators must install a grease trap or grease removal device to prevent blockages. Grease Guardian provide every type of grease trap. Our products are designed with quality in mind.  We provide all your grease solution requirements, from manual to automatic, under-sink to large basement installations.

In particular, the Grease Guardian X series is the worlds leading under sink automatic grease trap.  The Grease Guardian Automatic Range is the best selling under sink grease removal device in the world. Compact and easy to use the Grease Guardian D and X series traps food waste and fats and removes grease with a highly efficient skimming programme. The Grease Guardian can be connected to pot wash sinks, pre-rinse sinks and combi ovens. These units are compact enough to fit any application and require minimum ongoing maintenance.

How the Grease Guardian X Series a nutshell:

(1) Grease from sinks or ovens enters the stainless steel fully sealed tank through an inlet
(2) food waste is strained in a removable filter
(3) grease separates from water in the main grease trap tank
(4) grease is skimmed away by a drum or wheel
(5) and discharged into an external receptacle
(6) only “treated” water is allowed to drain through the outlet


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The Grease Guardian GGX range covers a flow rate of 0.5 litres per second, GGX7 unit (25 litre capacity) right up to a flow rate of 3.0 litres per second, GGX50 unit (130 litre capacity).  Check out the entire Grease Trap range HERE

Just some of the GGX Grease Guardian benefits include:

Traps grease & foodwaste
Removes grease automatically
Reduces pump out requirements
Robust stainless steel construction
Easy to install and maintain
Protects drains (point of source)
Collected waste can be recycled
Programmable digital controls
Tested and approved internationally
Self-cleaning options available
Side mounted solids filter
No need to open main lid
No enzymes or bacteria dosing needed
Extended warranty options

Check out the Grease Guardian GGX video below and feel free to contact us at anytime for help and advise on purchasing the best Grease Trap for your needs.



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