Wicklow, Ireland is the latest victim of a disgusting FATBERG

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Over St. Patrick’s Weekend, Irish water has been called in by Wicklow City Council to clear out a massive 8 foot fatberg from right beneath the ground we walk on.  We are desperately urging people to be more mindful of flushing inappropriate things down the toilet.  Fatbergs are a combination of FAT, OIL and GREASE, but the glue that sticks these together are WET WIPES and NAPPIES and any other item you can possibly think of that does not belong in our sewer system

The blockage occurred as a result of items such as wet wipes, cotton bud sticks, nappies and cotton wool pads being flushed down the toilet instead of being put in the bin.  Last year, Irish Water cleared more than 6,000 sewer blockages around the country which were caused by inappropriate items being flushed down the toilet.  Thousands of unsuitable items are flushed down the toilet every single day and until this stops, the mayhem of FATBERGS will continue.

Annabel Fitzgerald of Irish Water said this has a “significant negative impact” on internal plumbing in homes and businesses, the wastewater network and the marine environment. “The size and scale of the impact of flushing the wrong items down the toilet is incredible,” she said.

Wastewater infrastructure is being upgraded throughout Ireland, with new treatment plants being built and old plants upgraded as well as the laying of new sewers.

“It is still really important that people recognize the impact of what they flush so the network can function efficiently and effectively,” Fitzgerald said.

“Placing a bin in the bathroom and disposing of sanitary items safely and appropriately has a hugely positive impact on the network and the environment.”

Irish Water is working in partnership with Clean Coasts to deliver the Think Before You Flush campaign, which reminds people of which items are, and are not, suitable to flush down the toilet.  (www.thejournal.ie)



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