Grease is the Word

Better education is needed to tackle the FOG problem. The Sustainable Restaurants Association and Kingspan Water and Energy to unveil a new initiative; “Grease is the Word”. The initiative seeks to clear up any issues that restaurant owners may remain unsure of when it comes to managing FOG.

70 Percent of the UK’s 366,000 annual sewer blockages in the UK are caused by FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) build-ups. Furthermore, it is estimated that seven out of ten commercial kitchens in the UK don’t have the equipment in place to deal with our FOG problems.

The shocking statistics continue top stack up against the FOG issue in the UK. Despite numerous attempts to create a greater level of public awareness, the problem itself remains. For example, as mentioned in previous FOG blogs, the Museum of London has a chunk of a record-breaking fatberg on display as a reminder pf what lurks below. At 250 metres long and 130 tonnes, the fatberg was as big as 2 football pitches and weighed as much as 2 double-decker buses. Yet, still, Thames Water registers three fog-related blockages every hour on average.


Something must change:

Hence, the SRA (Sustainable Restaurant Association) have developed “Grease is the Word”; an extensive online resource regarding FOG management. online resource to provide operators with everything they need to know about effective FOG management, including legal obligations and key ‘Dos and Donts’ when it comes to dealing with the issue.

‘Grease is the Word’ spells out three steps every foodservice should take: identifying potential FOG hotspots and ensuring correct equipment fitted; reducing the use of fats; and carefully managing FOG.

Chief Executive of the SRA Andrew Stephen stated:

“Foodservice faces a simple choice when it comes to FOG. Businesses can either act responsibly and reap the rewards from recycling this energy-rich product, or they can choose to break the law, risk contributing to more fatbergs and face costly enforcement action by the water companies that have to clean up…”

“Our aim with Grease is the Word is to make that decision a no-brainer for all operators, which will mean cash for them, clear sewers for all and a boost to the burgeoning biofuel market.”

The specialist toolkit aims to change the opinions and actions of restaurant owners across the UK. As opposed to facing costly prosecution and clean-up for blocked sewers, restaurants can avail of the potential rewards of FOG.

FOG can be used as an energy-rich source of fuel and can offer a lucrative payback to restaurant owners. For more information and advice on how your kitchen can help make a difference, please contact us HERE.