Mini Guardian

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So what did you do during lock-down? Learned a new language? Taught yourself the guitar? Painted everything in your house and garden twice?…..

In Mexico, Grease Guardian engineer Victor Daniel Corona Loaeza designed and built a miniature Grease Guardian GGX35 and ST8 Sediment trap complete with triple bowl sink. The mini Grease Guardian comes with its own carrier case so that it can be easily transported.

Victor with over 10 years experiencing working with Grease Guardian Mexico knows the Grease Guardian like the back of his hand. The miniature Grease Guardian actually comes with a tiny battery powered motor to show the functionality of the skimming device. All parts can be removed in the same way as the real thing.

The idea is to be able to bring the concept to life when demonstrating to the customer how the unit will work. Its not always easy to carry the real life Grease Guardian to meetings or presentations so this demo display model set will be idea once Mexico City gets back to its busy self once again.

Miniature GGX35

Miniature ST8 connected to 3 bowl sink