QSRs hit by high grease trap costs

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Ensuring the grease trap is maintained can be quite a costly affair for quick serve restaurants. In most States across the US grease traps must be installed and emptied at least once a month. Even for under-sink separators this can carry a cost of $120 – $250 a month. Some larger grease traps can cost $450-600 a month or more. Busier restaurants under scrutiny from local authorities might see that figure double each month if their grease traps need more frequent emptying.

With such a cost it may be tempting to extend the time between pump outs. This might work if the local authorities are lacks when controlling sites but for stricter jurisdiction skipping a pump out comes at the risk of being fined. There is even the threat of closure for repeat offenders. Even if the authorities are more lenient, poorly maintained grease traps will start to lose efficiency soon enough. An underperforming grease trap will lead to blockages eventually and that could be a heavy price to pay for failing to empty on time.

There are costs to maintaining a grease trap and costs for ignoring to do so but having a grease trap will protect your drainage system and ultimately help improve the environment. Could keeping grease traps running though, come with its own price The top three US fast food restaurants account for some 40 thousand stores. The vast majority of those have grease traps and are doing a great job at reducing grease and food pollution but every month each of those grease traps needs emptying. The unintended consequence of this positive action is to create hundreds of thousands of pumper truck journeys across already busy cities every year. There is a massive carbon footprint bill to pay.

But what if the cost of maintaining grease traps and the carbon footprint to do so could be reduced by 85%?

That’s what using the Grease Guardian automatic grease recovery unit is doing for some of the world’s best known restaurant chains.

By adding a Grease Guardian, you will reduce the need for trucks to come to your store. The Grease Guardian is simply a grease trap that removes its own trapped grease, so you don’t have to get a pumper in to do it. The grease gets removed every day and collected with the other spent oil in the kitchen. There is no need for monthly emptying and therefore the cost of pumpers is dramatically reduced.

Fast-food chains are recognising that they can save more financially and have a better, more sustainable grease management system in place at the same time.