University Challenge

Universities and college campuses across the world have all the facilities one would expect from small towns. There are plenty of eateries on site and enough hungry students to make these places busy locations for dining out. All this food waste must be managed at universities are very proactive in using the best technology for doing so.

The Grease Guardian is a feature of some of the worlds most famous universities including Harvard, MIT and University California. Grease on site is trapped by the Grease Guardian either at the point of source (under the sink) or in a central location such as a basement. The Grease Guardian extracts the food waste through the basket filter and then skims off the trapped grease.

Many of the universities want to be able to reuse the grease extracted from the grease separator and the quality of grease harvested from Grease Guardians is such that it can recycled and reused as an alternative energy source. This creates a circular economy within the university campus.

Tech firms these days have campuses that can easily be mistaken as universities with similar facilities and plenty of eateries. Grease Guardian have been installed at Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Uber and Apple campuses in the US and in Europe.

If your university is in need of better food and grease management then the Grease Guardian is the solution that the best are choosing.