Energy efficiency and challenging times

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In today’s economic climate with the cost of living crisis every saving counts. The Grease Guardian is an energy efficient grease removal unit, it has special features which reduces its energy consumption thus reducing your electric bills. The unit has a built in timer which allows the heating element, spray bar and skimming wheel to only be active at certain times throughout the day, for example peak times such as lunch and dinner. The new easy to use PLC system allows the user to utilize the built in energy saving mode without any hassle. The thermal cut-off system gives the heating element a maximum heat before it automatically turns off, reducing energy consumption and making it safer. A low voltage heating element allows for minimum energy consumption when the unit is active. A built in motion sensor detects movement in the kitchen and allows the machine to turn itself off and save energy when not in use.

Along with reducing energy consumption the unit has carbon reduction elements, the grease trap promotes recycling, the waste can be regenerated into a raw material rather than a waste product. A grease trap allows for a more effective waste management system, FOG separated by the Grease Guardian unit allows for easy disposal of waste in the collection containers. The introduction of a Grease Guardian in your kitchen allows your staff to have an extra element of management and control within the establishment, along with contributing to a hygienic and safe environment.

These benefits have financial advantages also, a reduction in drainage maintenance and repair costs and a decreased likelihood of flooding and public health issues are crucial when it comes to running a successful catering establishment. Having a Grease Guardian installed will give you peace of mind knowing that your grease management system complies with council regulations and laws.