Grease Guardian Channelling Alternative Fuel Potential

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Inside Sustainability: Grease Guardian Channelling Alternative Fuel

Over a 6 page spread, our Sales and Marketing Director, Michel Fitzpatrick, had the honour of discussing our innovative approach of harvesting waste cooking oil for biofuel production.

Michel’s recent contribution to the latest issue of Inside Sustainability Magazine, sheds light on the pivotal role that Grease Guardian plays in promoting eco-friendly solutions within the food service industry.

Michel delves into the critical importance of managing kitchen waste, particularly grease and fats, in a sustainable manner. The article, showcases his profound understanding of the challenges faced by food establishments in dealing with grease disposal and its environmental repercussions.

He explains that the Grease Guardian is energy efficient, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and better waste management. It promotes recycling and regenerating waste cooking oil into biodiesel as FOG is separated by the Grease Guardian.

I think we are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution in which the transition between fossil fuels and energy is happening” says Michel.

To read Inside Sustainability’s article, click here 

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