Recovering Waste Oil at Guyader Gastronomie

Guyader Gastronomie is a French family company, based in Brittany and strongly committed to preserving its excellent Breton heritage through the quality of its products. Producing an array of cooked meats, sausages, hams, pâtés, and smoked fish on an industrial scale, the facility faces the challenge of managing the waste oils discharged during their cooking and washdown processes.

However, thanks to our partnership with Valoleique, a Breton company dedicated to waste oil recovery and recycling, there is now an innovative solution to this concern. The Grease Guardian GGX75 installed within an FM Environmental kiosk, has proven to be transformative in recovering and recycling waste oils effectively.

Grease Guardian X75 at Guyader Gastronomie

The Need for Sustainable Waste Management

As industrial production grows, so does the generation of waste products, including the culinary industry. Guyader being a prominent player in the food processing sector, faced the challenge of managing the substantial amounts of waste oils produced during their daily operations. Improper disposal of these oils could lead to severe environmental consequences, including water pollution and harm to aquatic life. Recognising the need for sustainable waste management, they turned to Grease Guardian.

Grease Guardian: A Pioneering Solution

The Grease Guardian GGX75 emerged as the ideal solution to Guyader’s waste management needs. Sold to our Breton partner Valoleique, this innovative system was designed to efficiently separate waste oils from pumped wastewater. The unit is not only highly effective but also fits seamlessly into the food factory’s operations. Its installation within a kiosk ensures a tidy and organised setup, making it a practical and hassle-free addition to the factory.

Installed at the end of June, the GGX75 unit quickly got to work, effectively recovering waste oils from the factory’s wastewater. The process is straightforward: as the wastewater is pumped into the system, the Grease Guardian unit separates the waste oils from the water, allowing the clean water to discharge safely. The separated waste oils are then channelled into a 1m3 IBC tank for further processing and recycling.

Since the installation of the Grease Guardian GGX75, Valoleique has made remarkable strides in waste oil recovery at Guyader Gastronomie. Recovering around 300 litres of largely dewatered waste oil per week, the results have been truly impressive. This successful recovery translates into a significant reduction in harmful waste disposal, mitigating the environmental impact on the beautiful surrounding landscape.

The collaboration between Guyader Gastronomie, Valoleique, and Grease Guardian stands as a shining example of corporate responsibility and sustainable practices within the food processing industry. By actively taking steps to recover and recycle waste oils, we are not only safeguarding the environment but also setting a positive precedent for other industrial-scale food factories to follow suit.

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