Grease Guardian Ensures Smooth Operation at RDS Ahead of the Dublin Horse Show 2023

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When it comes to hosting prestigious events like the Dublin Horse Show, meticulous preparation is key to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. The RDS in Dublin, a renowned venue for such occasions, recently undertook a crucial installation project to guarantee the efficient operation of their kitchen facilities. Grease Guardian played a pivotal role in this project, ensuring that the show could go on without a hitch.

In the weeks leading up to the Dublin Horse Show, the RDS faced a significant challenge in their kitchen facilities. The pipework within their kitchen was found to be completely stuffed with grease, posing a potential threat to the seamless functioning of their operations. The accumulation of grease in pipes can lead to clogging and backups, making it imperative for the RDS to promptly address the issue.

Making the Switch

To tackle this dilemma, the RDS made the wise decision to replace their existing passive grease traps with cutting-edge Grease Guardian units. This upgrade involved the installation of three Grease Guardian units in total, consisting of two D1 units and a GGX15 unit. These innovative grease management solutions are designed to efficiently capture and remove grease, preventing it from entering the drainage system and causing blockages.

Greenday Environmental

The installation of these Grease Guardian units was entrusted to Greenday Environmental, a Dublin-based company renowned for its expertise in drainage services and solutions. The units were fitted within the kitchens of the Merrion Room and Lansdowne Room.

Strategic Timing

The installation of these Grease Guardian units was not merely a matter of convenience, it was a strategic decision. The RDS prioritised having these units in place before the Dublin Horse Show to minimise any potential disruptions. Consequently, the installation took place in the first week of July 2023, giving ample time for testing and fine-tuning before the big event.

Thanks to the proactive approach taken by the RDS and the expertise of Greenday Environmental, the venue was well-prepared to host the Dublin Horse Show in August 2023. With the Grease Guardian units now in place, the kitchens at the RDS are now equipped to handle the high demands of catering in the future.

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