Grease Guardian PRO 2024 Unveiled: Here’s What to Expect

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Exciting times are ahead as we gear up to launch the Grease Guardian PRO 2024 – a turning point in grease management technology. Get ready for an explanation into what sets this innovative solution apart from the others.

Beyond its exceptional grease management capabilities, Grease Guardian PRO comes with a range of features designed to make maintenance a breeze and ensure the longevity of your investment. Let’s dive into the details.

Grease Guardian PRO Features

Audio Alarm System:

Grease Guardian PRO comes equipped with a sophisticated audio alarm system, providing timely notifications and reminders crucial for maintaining peak performance. The audio alarm signals the end of each cycle, ensuring you’re always aware of the system’s status. Additionally, the daily maintenance reminder keeps you on track with regular upkeep, while the monthly maintenance reminder is a proactive measure to prevent issues before they arise.

Action Button:

Simplicity meets functionality with the PRO’s action button. This multifaceted feature serves as your command centre, allowing you to acknowledge daily maintenance requirements effortlessly. It’s also your gateway to running the monthly maintenance program, ensuring a thorough and extended cleaning cycle. Need to force a skim program? The action button has you covered, putting control in your hands.

Auto Wash Functionality:

Efficiency takes centre stage with the PRO’s auto wash feature. This innovative function utilises powerful jets to clean both the food basket area and the main tank, providing internal cleansing that goes beyond the standard service. By breaking up scum and residue, the auto wash function not only maintains optimal performance but also prolongs the life of the unit.

Monthly Maintenance Programme:

The Grease Guardian PRO introduces a monthly maintenance program. This extended cleaning cycle goes above and beyond, encouraging meticulous upkeep of the unit. With an extended heating and skimming cycle, Grease Guardian PRO ensures that your grease management system operates at peak efficiency. The program also prompts the use of a cleaning tablet, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable kitchen environment.

Odour-Locking Seal

The odour-locking seal gasket in the PRO represents a significant leap forward in tackling one of the common challenges associated with grease management units – unpleasant odours. In creating a tight and secure seal around the unit, it is designed to keep smells contained within the unit more effectively than ever before.

With its intelligent audio alarm system, versatile action button, auto wash functionality, and monthly maintenance program, Grease Guardian PRO is more than a grease trap; it’s a smart solution created for the evolving needs of modern commercial kitchens.

Grease Guardian PRO launch to be early 2024.

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