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When seeking a grease removal system for your vessel, Marine Guardian Automatic Grease Removal Devices stand as the unrivalled choice. Marine Guardian is at the forefront as the only automatic marine grease removal device, changing the future of grease management at sea. These units easily fit into the galley or below deck, making them versatile and efficient for any marine setup.


One of the standout features of Marine Guardian is its compact and retrofittable design. Whether you’re upgrading an existing vessel or outfitting a new one, Marine Guardian’s grease removal solution easily integrates into your maritime setup. No need for extensive modifications – just a smooth retrofit to enhance your grease management system.

Compliant with Environmental Regulations

Marine Guardian has a four-stage operation system. This not only guarantees compliancy with environmental regulations but also promotes the sustainable and responsible management of grease and oil waste in marine environments. Marpol 73/78 ANNEX IV and V: 5.4.4 Galley wastes state:
“All galley wastes that may contain grease should flow through grease traps to a retaining box prior to discharge overboard with a distance of 3 N.M. from the closets line of land (territorial sea – 12 N.M.)or to treatment aboard ship”

Marine Guardian Features

Marine Guardian automatically skims grease from wastewater, eliminating the need for space-consuming wastewater tanks. Marine Guardian’s Automatic Grease Removal Devices significantly reduce the necessity for frequent dock visits as less pump outs are required. This capability extends the duration of time a vessel can spend at sea. Managing and storing grease becomes markedly more straightforward with Marine Guardian, compared to dealing with grease trapped in a manual grease separation system.

The extracted grease can be recycled and repurposed for biofuel production in the same way as fryer oil.

Maintenance is made simple as the automatic self-cleaning system minimises grease build-up and foul odours, keeping the internals in perfect working condition.

Centralised Marine Guardian AGRDs

Centralised Marine Guardian AGRDs come equipped with an automatic solids handling system, allowing for seamless operation. They are also available in line, stackable, or skid mounted with sludge handling for easy installation in restricted space. Telemetry control can be added as an additional feature, which will allow you to collect, store, and transmit real-time data to streamline your grease management.

Technical Solutions for Naval Applications

For naval applications, we offer advanced technical solutions such as shock mounts and flexible joints, ensuring endurance against motion and physical stress.

Global Leadership in Grease Management Solutions

Our commitment extends globally as we lead the industry in providing grease management solutions for super-yachts, commercial vessels, cruise ships, and navies worldwide. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our mission, reflected in Marine Guardian’s innovative design and our compliance with regulatory standards.

Choose Marine Guardian for high quality innovation, sustainability and a more efficient grease management system for your vessel.

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