Burger King Dublin delighted with Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Removal Device

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In 2023, the Grafton Street, Dublin branch of Burger King had their previous grease removal device upgraded to a Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Removal Device (AGRD) D3 model. The D Series incorporates a food strainer basket to filter solid debris like food scraps, followed by a motor-operated skimming wheel that collects oils and grease on the surface. The skimmed grease is then stored in an external container, ready for pickup by a renderer or recycler.

Ravi Raghuraman, the General Manager of Burger King, 39 Grafton Street, shared insights into the impact of the upgraded unit on their day-to-day operations. Having used the previous AGRD model since 2007, they sought an upgrade for increased effectiveness.

“The previous machine (AGRD) that we were using was installed in 2007. It was good at the time but we were looking for something to upgrade.”

“The recent (Grease Guardian) we got, it’s a lot more effective, a lot more efficient and we are loving it.”

Ravi explains that cleaning and maintaining the Grease Guardian is simple, and doesn’t require a lot of time or labour to do so.

On maintaining the unit: As it is a lot more efficient, we have to use less labour towards maintaining it.”

As the device skims grease from wastewater, the collected grease can be repurposed into biofuel, aligning with the circular economy principles and providing a sustainable resource.

Ravi emphasised Burger King’s commitment to environmental responsibility. “As a business, Burger King is a very responsible business and as a person its our responsibility towards our environment.”

For more details, refer to the video below featuring the complete interview with General Manager Ravi Raghuraman.

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