Boost your vessel’s efficiency with Marine Guardian

Marine Guardian AGRDs (Automatic Grease Removal Devices) tackle grease at the source, both in the galley and through centrally located grease traps. By capturing and removing fats, oils and grease, Marine Guardian prevents clogs and backups, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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With its innovative and efficient design, Marine Guardian minimises the need for frequent emptying, ensuring continuous operation even during extended voyages. This practicality allows ships to extend their time at sea without the interruptions caused by maintenance and downtime.

MGD4 Marine Grease Guardian Flow 2.25 l/s Features include Pro-Clean (A), Waste Shut Off Valves for High Seas (HS), Filter-Basket (IS), Eco-Mode Compact and Retrofit-Friendly:

Compact Design: Marine Guardian’s compact footprint makes it perfect for confined spaces onboard ships. Space is often at a premium onboard vessels, especially in confined areas like engine rooms and galleys. Marine Guardian’s compact footprint makes it ideal for installation in tight spaces, allowing vessel operators to maximise space utilisation. Additionally, Marine Guardian is designed to meet the unique needs of all types of vessels.

Whether installing on a new vessel or retrofitting onto an existing one, Marine Guardian streamlines the process for hassle-free installation. Interested in viewing practical applications in action? Explore our marine case studies for real-life examples.

Designed for High Seas: Operating in the challenging conditions of the open ocean requires equipment that can withstand the elements. Marine Guardian is designed and built to perform reliably in high seas, ensuring consistent grease removal and maintenance-free operation even in rough waters.

Extended Time at Sea: One of the significant advantages of Marine Guardian is its ability to extend the time vessels can stay at sea. By effectively removing grease from wastewater and ensuring that discharged water is free from pollutants, Marine Guardian reduces the need for frequent docking for maintenance and emptying. This means vessels can stay at sea longer, maximising efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Grease Skimming Capabilities & Solids Screening: Marine Guardian is not just an ordinary grease trap; it’s equipped with advanced grease skimming capabilities and solids screening for marine applications. This unique feature ensures thorough grease removal, preventing build up and maintaining optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Centrally Located Marine Guardian – Flow 5 to 20 l/s Features include Pro-Clean (A), Solids Transfer (IS), Show-Absorb Skid Mounts, Shut off valves, Eco-Mode

In conclusion, Marine Guardian AGRDs are a necessity for vessel operators looking to boost efficiency and streamline operations. Its versatility, reliability, and innovative features make it the go-to solution for grease removal in the maritime industry. With Marine Guardian onboard, vessels can navigate the open seas with confidence, knowing that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

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