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FM Environmental Group

The FM Environmental Group, incorporating its Malta and US based sales office, is one of Ireland’s and the UK’s longest established water and wastewater engineering companies.

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, FM Environmental exports its products and services to over thirty countries worldwide; constantly evolving its technologies to suit the diverse and demanding international marketplace.

With a history going back to the early 1970’s, FM Environmental is internationally recognised for providing design, manufacture, installation and servicing of pumping, wastewater treatment and grease management equipment.

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Grease Guardian Devision

The Grease Guardian Devision of FM Environmental Ltd manufacturers and suppliers grease management equipment under the Grease Guardian brand and through a network of distributors and brand reps across the globe. The Grease Guardian devision offers the highest quality of grease management equipment including grease traps and grease interceptors tested and the supply of grease removal devices and related equipment.

The Grease Guardian Devision is head quartered in Newry Northern Ireland with regional sales hubs including the Republic of Ireland, the USA and Malta.