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For most people on the planet 2020 has been a very challenging year. There can be no doubt that such a dramatic shift away from normality is not easy to adjust to. 2021 brings optimism and the hope of returning to more familiar routines. There is certainly a lesson to be learned from

Mini Guardian

So what did you do during lock-down? Learned a new language? Taught yourself the guitar? Painted everything in your house and garden twice?….. In Mexico Grease Guardian engineer Victor  Daniel Corona Loaeza designed and built a miniature Grease Guardian GGX35 and ST8 Sediment tr

There’s a New Rowdy Neighbour in Queens

Isn’t it awkward when an unwanted visitor decides to lodge with you over the holidays? They invade your space, annoy everyone and stink the whole place up. Then again, you did invite them. South Jamaica, Queens in New York are currently experiencing a similar issue. But it’s not the i

UK distributor RGR Facilities Ltd upsizes to new premises

Congratulations to Roz Dean and her team on their move to new office premises. With the demands of having become the No1. supplier and service provider in London of Grease Guardian grease removal units over the past 10 years, RGR Facilities decided it was time for a change to be able
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BBC’s Blue Planet tackles Fatbergs

This week, the Fatberg phenomenon will be discussed on Blue Planet. Presenter Steve Brown visits the Fatberg-hit town of Sidmouth and speaks to South West Water’s Director of Wastewater, Andrew Roantree, about the dangers posed to the oceans by this very modern problem. Fatbergs seem

Wicklow, Ireland is the latest victim of a disgusting FATBERG

Over St. Patrick’s Weekend, Irish water has been called in by Wicklow City Council to clear out a massive 8 foot fatberg from right beneath the ground we walk on.  We are desperately urging people to be more mindful of flushing inappropriate things down the toilet.  Fatbergs are


COOKIES, DRAINS AND GREASE TRAPS Cookie dough is a much loved snack but one local authority in the Mississippi area is not as keen on the treat.  A water service company has reported a number of blockages in the area as a result of cookie dough being washed down the drains.  The cooki
Grease Traps can help fight the FOG


Another city in the UK has been attacked by the Fatberg!! Engineers in Durham had to dig through thirty yards of grease to remove a blockage that resulted in the drain collapsing. The source of the problem is believed to be due to local residents pouring fat down the drains over a per