grease traps

Industrial & Marine Applications

For high flow applications the Grease Guardian Titan Class system is a state of the art solution capable of handling significant volumes of food and grease waste. Fully automated solids transfer and removal options, double roller skimming and self-cleaning facility. The D10 will reduce food and grease waste with an efficiency of up to 99%.


D10 TITAN Solids Transfer - Download Brochure
The D10 Titan class automatic grease removal unit with solids transfer is a fully automated system that for skimming and removing grease waste. All grease then enters the main tank and is skimmed to external drums allowing only treated water the enter the drains. All solids are trapped and then macerated and sent to drain as fine waste.

D10 TITAN Solids Filtration Basket
The solids filtration basket is a two tier system that screens large solids first then fine solids before allowing the liquid grease waste enter the skimming tank for removal. The baskets then can be tipped into waste bins once full.

D10 TITAN Automatic solids removal
In this version of the D10 all solids are trapped and skimmed into an external drum using a fine mesh solids brush screen.

D10 TITAN Modular Options
For increased flow capacity the D10 can be installed in a split flow set up to handle up to 40 litres/sec.

The Grease GuardianTriton Class Marine System - Download Brochure
FM Environmental Ltd have launched the impressive Grease Guardian Triton Class Marine unit with additional features to counteract the tilt and pitch of sea going vessels including a flood protection system, anti-spillage and storm modes. The Marine unit is manufactured from the highest quality 316 stainless steel. The solids hopper can be installed above the main grease separation tank in a custom built rig to ensure minimum space usage. All controls are protected by IP66 rated panels. The GG Marine unit also has an inbuilt wash-down system and both automatic and manual solids transfer options.