grease traps

Manual Grease Trap

Grease Guardian offer a range a range of grease traps for ever size and style of business. Each grease trap is designed in accordance with national standards.

Floor Standing Grease Traps - Download Brochure
The GT Range by Grease Guardian are quality built free standing grease traps. All GTs are designed from 304 16 Gauge stainless steel, with easy to remove lids and a food waste strainer basket and adjustable frame options. GT1, GT2, GT3,GT4 Models (See brochure for details).

FatBio Dosing Agent for GT Grease Traps
The FatBio uses selected lipase producing bacteria, nutrients and enzymes in a buffer solution to remove grease waste from the GT range of grease traps. Ideal for maintenance free grease management. The FatBio solution is pumped periodically into the grease trap.

EN1825 External/Underground Grease Trap
The Techneau range of high quality polyethylene grease traps are designed to be installed under ground for large flow applications. Tested and certified under EN1825 the Techneau range of grease traps is perfect for applications where the grease trap must be installed externally.

The FatBusta Domestic Grease Traps
This small grease trap is ideal for low flow applications such as a guest houses, B&Bs or domestic application. Comes with a hand foodwaste basket and pipe connections.