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BBC’s Blue Planet tackles the Fatberg

This week, the Fatberg phenomenon will be discussed on Blue Planet. Presenter Steve Brown visits the Fatberg-hit town of Sidmouth and speaks to South West Water’s Director of Wastewater, Andrew Roantree, about the dangers posed to the oceans by this very modern problem. Fatbergs seem

Grease Guardian helps out at World Cup

Over 50 Grease Guardians have been installed in sporting venues and football stadiums in Russia. Grease Guardians have been a key piece of equipment at sporting venues across the world but as the world heads to Russia for the football not all the grease they leave behind will end up b

Test Rig Upgrade

Grease Guardian manufacturer, FM Environmental Ltd, has recently upgraded its test rig to cater for higher flow capacity units. The test rig in the company’s Malta office has been used to test units against US standards PDI G101, ASME112.14.3, IAPMO and CSA and is now capable of

Michel Barnier Visits Grease Guardian

The EU’s chief negotiator for the UK leaving the European Union (Brexit) visits FM Environmental Ltd to talk politics, borders and of course grease. As part of M. Barnier’s two day visit to Northern Ireland he took in the views and experiences of leading business experts b

Grease Guardian and FM Service Team

The Grease Guardian and FM Environmental Ltd Service team lines out with its fleet of 15 vans ready for installation and service work in Ireland. Across the globe Grease Guardian uses highly trained service partners to ensure the most professional service possible. FM Environmental Lt
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Fatberg Autopsy! What’s going on below London?

“Shocking”, “Unbelievable”, “Incredible” just some of the adjectives used to describe a recent Channel 4 documentary on London’s growing menace beneath the ground. Like something out of Ghostbusters London is being plagued by giant blobs of toxic fat that are potentially a massive thr
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Centralised GRDs

Grease Guardian grease traps and grease removal devices can be installed into basements when space in the kitchen is limited. The Grease Guardian X75 and X125 act as grease traps and will remove trapped grease on a daily bases into a storage drum for removal when full. Options for man
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Best in Engineering

Though the majority of Grease Guardians get installed into restaurants, hotels and supermarkets very often requirements go beyond these standard applications. Grease Guardians have been installed on oil rigs, airports, sailing ships, camel racing stadia, kitchens on the back of trucks


Grease Guardian automatic grease separators are taking to the exhibition halls shortly. Of particular interest to the commercial kitchen operators and Water Utilities alike is the Combi-Guardian to treat the highly concentrated grease discharges from rotisseries and combi-ovens. Come
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Stopping Fatbergs

The term fatberg is widely used to describe the build-up of grease in sewers that usually lead to blockages costing governments thousands in removal and repairs. Stopping the grease from going down the drain in the first place has been the job of the Grease Guardian for decades. The G
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40 Years in Business

Grease Guardian manufacturers FM Environmental Ireland have been in business since 1977. Starting off as a small wastewater company in Newry, Northern Ireland the FM Group of companies still head quartered in Ireland now have regional offices in New York, Malta and Malaysia. and are r
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Distribution Hubs

Grease Guardians are distributed by a network of brand representatives in over 30 countries to ensure you get the best local support available. Each representative is supplied by multiple distribution hubs across the US, Europe and Asia to ensure the fastest supply of equipment possib
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Top College Gets a GG

Grease Guardians have been specified and installed into some of the US’ top colleges. The GGX125, pictured above, has been servicing one of Boston’s top universities for two years already with many more specified across the country. The GGX125 was installed with solids sep
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Factory Upgrade

The Grease Guardian manufacturing hub in Marsa, Malta has completed a major phase of its upgrade programme. The €100,000 investment to upgrade the production and testing area within the Maltese hub started last year and will be completed this year with the inclusion of a new testing r
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Big is Beautiful

Final tests are made on the D20 Titan Class Grease Guardian grease removal unit destined for one of Russia’s most prestigious hotels. This 20 litre per second beast comes with automated solids handling, wash-down, 4 drum grease skimming capabilities, HMI controls and BMS connect
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Another GG Sets Sail

Another Marine Grease Guardian is off on the high seas as the Marine Guardian range continues to impress the world’s leading ship building companies. Specially designed to operate in high sea conditions the Marine Guardian range demonstrates the engineering excellence of the Gre
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Double Power D5

Two model D5 Grease Guardians installed in tandem at the Hopital De Gray in Eastern France. This installation takes waste from the hospitals main kitchens and separates the food waste in a solids strainer sump and subsequently separates and removes fast, oils and grease in dual operat
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Success at ASPE

The 2016 national ASPE conference in Phoenix Arizona has proven a major success for Grease Guardian. Brand representatives from across North America met at the American Society of Plumbing Engineer’s convention to showcase the latest range of Grease Guardians. Since it’s r

GGX Meets HACCP Standard

The latest range of Grease Guardians meets the HACCP standard. Ensure your business meets the HACCP standard too by choosing Grease Guardian grease trap. HACCP, or the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system, is a process control system that identifies where hazards might occur

Grand Centralised Grease Guardian

The world’s most iconic Train Terminal Grand Central in New York  is now equipped with the latest Grease Guardian; the GGX75AST